What does it cost?

In the Netherlands, prices are made up by government organizations and are the same for every dental practice. These prices are updated yearly through a so-called UTP-protocol. The list with cost and codes is only available in Dutch unfortunately, but we'll be happy to inform you about it at any time if needed. Also, we can help find out what your insurance might cover or give you a good estimate before carrying out all sorts of treatments.

To give you an indication, the cost for your first visit and check-up including our colorindex and 2 radiographs would cost approximately cost €73,- including the unfortunate amount of €4,26 as a Covid-19 compensation for risen costs and efforts.

For any specific question regarding prices, we'd like to advice you to come by and/or email us so we can specifically answer.

Wellness treatments

dental wellness behandelingen

Aanslag verwijderen
– per 5 minuten
– per 10 minuten

Borstelen, rageren, flossen, polijsten of een combinatie per 5 minuten


€ 13,00
€ 26,00

€ 13,00

Tandsteen verwijderen
– beperkt
– gemiddeld
– uitgebreid*

Bleekbehandeling van The Bleach Company

€ 13,00
€ 26,00
€ 50,00

€ 250,00

Dentist rates

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