We are 11-48

11-48 Dental Wellness changes the way people receive dental care. We'd like to think of ourselves as serviceproviders, with the possibility to technically solve any dental problem if necessary. We think that it should very well be possible to deliver the best oral care and maintenance in a comfortable setting and with the caring attention you deserve, instead of being a protocolised factory where you come for a filling by pulling a number.
Furthermore, we want to change the dental focus from addressing technical problems to a more preservative one in which dental wellness and hygiene play a major role. Because food, behavior and hygiene are the 3 most important aspects of oral health and by simply addressing these, most serious problems can easily be prevented.

Of course, you're more then welcome to come to us with questions about implant dentistry, esthetic problems and normal dental procedures.






“A day without a smile is a day not lived!”
Front desk
Betsy Eising

Hi everybody, my name is Betsy and I'm your receptionist at the clinic of 11-48 Dental Wellness. I like to be the shining and radiant face of the practice whom you can always approach with questions. I'll make sure appointments are correctly scheduled, e-mails get answered and am usually the person to one to talk to for questions or advice. I feel very much at home here and hopefully I'm able to give all our customers the same feeling. Service with a smile:)

“Endless ambition and a big heart for my clients”
Maurits Hohmann

After finishing my dental studies in Groningen in 2008 I started working at De Boer Tandartsen, a renowned practice in town, still doubting whether a carrier as artist in life would suit me better... Fortunately, after a few months as a dentist I realized the possibilities dentistry has to offer in order to develop myself both professionally and personally. 
With the concept of dental wellness, I hope to bring awareness about the status of ones dentition, oral care and hygiene to people and create a place where everybody can have easy and comfortable access to professional dental maintenance.
Next to general dentistry in the broadest sense, I've specialized in esthetic dentistry, implantology and finding creative solutions for complex problems.



“Life is to celebrate!”
Dental and prevention assistant
Suzanna Stoker

I'm Irene! I left my life as an English teacher in indonesia behind me and came to the Netherlands chasing love, I sort of rolled onto the dental field. I was trained to become a dental assistant in multiple practices and liked it so much that I decided to get a diploma too. I really enjoy taking care and organizing things thoroughly. That way everybody can perform to their best abilities. As an assistant at 11-48 Dental Wellness, I really feel that I can maken a difference and help to deliver care at the highest level, while our clients experience it all as comfortable and relaxt!


“blijft gewoon lekker relaxt”
Ward Erkens

Over the last couple of years, I gained experience as a dentist by working in different clinics near Groningen before I started at 11-48 Dental Wellness. It is important to me that I'm able to perform on a high level as a dentist , but also in a comfortable and safe setting for my clients. I found this combination at 11-48 Dental Wellness and feel that I can continue to develop myself with good energy en fun. I especially like to grow in the field of implantology and other surgeries, to expand the possibilities for helping clients with complex problems.


“You wouldn't like having a dirty mouth, right?”
Carolien van Beek

As a preventative assistant, I not only take care of cleaning your teeth and giving you a fresh feeling but, more importantly, I'll explain and help to point out what it is you have to do yourself to keep your mouth fresh, clean and healthy. I followed a wide range of courses and learned a lot of skills related to dental hygiene and can therefore do a lot of the treatments that have to do with periodontitis as well. This helps to keep my work divers and challenging. I greatly enjoy to treat people with care and attention, because I know that my clients really experience this!



“I mean it!”
Dental Hygiene
Lotte Ezendam

I'm Lotte, dental hygienist at 11-48 Dental Wellness. After finishing my studies in 2017 I started working here. I really like the different mentality here. We can be very serious about our treatments and the care we provide, but offer it in a way that makes something that is usually not considered to be nice, feel a little better. If we, together, can help to improve a situation for somebody and see my client return after a few months, noticing the difference, that really makes me happy!