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Regular care en maintenance of your dentition are simply part of a healthy lifestyle. Have a look at our wellness menu and pick one of our caring treatments or simply enter our clinic and shop for the best advice.


Dental Wellness Royale

This treatment stands out in versatility. Your mouth will be completely brushed, polished and taken care of. Our royal treatment includes the removal of stains and superficial discolorations, as well as basic tartar removal. After this treatment you'll definitely leave felling fresh and clean!

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: 50 euro



Little Gronings Inbetween

Lovely refreshing short treatment that consists of a thorough brushing and polishing. Naturally, also the spaces between the teeth will be carefully cleaned with silk and small bristles.

Duration: 10 minutes
Price: 26 euro

Dental Wellness Intens

A no-nonsense treatment. Thorough and practical, but of course offered in our style: Friendly, with a soft hand and full attention.

Duration: 15 minutes
Price: 38 euro

After Eight

This treatment has gotten its name for a reason. The whole mouth and dentition will be gently cleaned manually, after which we'll finish with supportive BlueM rinsing and a short massage to relax the oral tissues. After this you will really enjoy a clean and relaxed night..

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 75 euro

Of course, you can experience this treatment also before 20h;)


dental wellness behandelingen

Aanslag verwijderen
– per 5 minuten
– per 10 minuten

Borstelen, rageren, flossen, polijsten of een combinatie per 5 minuten


€ 13,00
€ 26,00

€ 13,00

Tandsteen verwijderen
– beperkt
– gemiddeld
– uitgebreid*

Bleekbehandeling van The Bleach Company

€ 13,00
€ 26,00
€ 50,00

€ 250,00

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